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Texan IB64 vs Masterbilt Texan


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Just wondering if anyone had the chance to do an A/B test between the "old" IB64 and the new Masterbilt.

The main spec difference should regard the side wood (solid  on masterbilt,  mahogany on IB64).

I've always wanted a Texan, and I'm in doubt if buying one of the last available IB64 (which costs 50% less than a masterbilt) is worth or not.

Thank you 

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I took delivery of a new Masterbilt Texan last Friday. I also have the Peter Frampton one and have had 3 IB 1964 versions over the years. I always wanted one with more solid wood and bought the Frampton model but I can honestly say all these pale in comparison to this new Masterbilt version. The build quality is flawless and the main thing noticeable is the quality of sound - improved bass, ringing mids and trebles are amazing. I also have a J45Tv and 2 Martins and this new Masterbilt is getting near that quality. I will try the USA version when I get a chance but doubt it will replace my J45. Anyway - don’t scrimp - the Masterbilt is miles ahead worth the extra cost

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