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1942 Southern Jumbo Rosewood demo

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A simple reply:

"I want!"

Well, I want the 'theory' of it - looks, video sound, specs - 1.77"nut and fat neck, torrefied top, rosewood back etc. What I don't want is to order a dud online that needs a repair and a setup. I would love to play it next to my 2002 J50 with now perfect sound, setup and playability plus an Anthem pickup working beautifully - straight back from the luthier's.......





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Sound & looks very convincing. Not sure I could handle a rosewood slope Gibson though. Irrational, , , but things sometimes are like that and it could change after playing the  creature. 

I'm a fan of this duo. Looking further into their test-sessions there is a subtle layer of comedy to be found. Enjoy that each time they are on. . 

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To my aging ears, they got the tone pretty much right -- at least in the general tonal contour. 

An interesting fact is the SJs in general -- and the RW SJ in particular -- were almost invisible in the 90s vintage market.  The banner J-45s -- which were much more numerous -- were generally valued by dealers and in the VG Price Guide as more valuable.  I first heard of one from Randy Wood, who had worked on one from  Charleston.

I became intrigued after 2000 when a well know bluegrass player said he liked his better than his prewar D-28! I am not into rare, but I am into RW Gibsons for bluegrass.  But I did not expect to ever get one.  One popped up with Gary Burnette and I went to his show, played it, made a cash offer, and it came home.  Similar in many ways to my recent acquisition of my similar sounding  -- and much rarer -- 1940 RW J-55.  I wonder if they will reissue that?


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Sweet, sweet guitar, but so what?  My Southern Jumbo is not only rosewood----IT'S MYSTIC ROSEWOOD!  So put that in your pipe and smoke it..👹...............Actually, the only thing mystical about it is that it makes me sound half-way decent...........SJs are really nice guitars.  I'm usually a stickler on "an AJ needs to be rosewood, a J45 needs to be a hog, a Hummingbird needs to be a hog, a J200 needs to be maple" and all that crap, but my rosewood SJ is an extremely easy-to-play and warm sounding guitar.  A "top tier" example of a Gibson acoustic.

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