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I got this through Sweetwater a couple weeks ago, but held off posting as I wasn't sure I was going to keep it.  It came with Elixir phosphor/bronze lights strings and they were as usual really harsh and brassy sounding to me.  I played it for about a week and then changed to regular 80/20 strings and that tamed the tone.  It is a guitar that takes some getting used to; it has Taylors V-class bracing which is great for intonation, sustain, and volume and it is short scale.  It has a Lutz Spruce top with Rosewood back and sides, mahogany neck and ebony board, nice Gotoh tuners with a 21:1 ratio, and Taylors ES-2 pickup.  The bracing and extra sound port really make the top move a lot and it is pretty loud.  It's almost like you need to be careful with your attack or the overtones and sustain get out of control.  I think it would be a great fingerpicking guitar but over the  years I have lost that skill so just flat pick.  I have yet to find someone else who could play some on it so I could sit out front and see what it sounds like from there.  I played it the other day at a picnic outside with a fiddler player and it held it's own so I think it is a keeper. 



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Taylor makes some nice guitars and a lot of them in the US. I've had a few but  I seem to keep them a few years then move them on due to lack of playing them. Currently I have a  Taylor NS72-CE which I like. Plugged in the ones I had were hard to beat but I seem to plug-in less and less.

I've had a 314CE LTD,  T5-C2 Custom and an 814CE. Yours looks great. I haven't played one of these new bracing ones.

I've played a few guitars with side port holes and they definite sound loud in my lap but I don't know if they project that sound for any distance. I would have to have someone playing it across the room to judge it. I do have a ukulele with one.





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