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ES-135 Specs and strings


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Hello All,

I just bought a 2002 ES-135 (should be here by Friday 🙂

I am wondering if anyone has info on the original specs on these guitars?

I am curious what the original strings might have been as I would like to try the guitar with them and then A + B against Nickel rounds




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I have one of these,  maybe 2000, 1999??   (Vintage Sunburst)

IIRC it came with 10s, I would only venture the guess it was Gibson Bright Wires since those we're probably what they were using from the factory.  But I can't say for sure.

Pickups should be Gibson standard PAFs  (mine are anyway)  and  what was standard (for the day) Grover tuners.  all my hardware was chrome.

One thing on these, that tail piece is a bit of a misnomer.  On mine, it was a bit of a rattle trap.  I eventually gave up on it and I installed a Bigsby (B7).  That mod, believe it or not, brought new life to the tone of the guitar.  I still use it quite a bit  it plays great and it's very versatile, and covers a lot of territory, Jazz, Blues, Rock, you name it, this one will own it.  

If yours sounds dark, play with the pickup height.  Those PAFs pack some punch.   I dropped mine down more than I normally would with humbuckers and it made a huge diff.

Good luck with yours!  The wine red, with the gold hardware sets that off nicely.  she's a beauty!

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I've small hands and a light touch, 10s work for me in most situations.  But 11s would be just fine on yours. 

Here's a peek at mine.  I checked the serial # and it turns out, mine is 2002 as well.  this was the last year IIRC they offered these.




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1 minute ago, mbbreen said:


she is a nice on you have there

btw finally found a fully review on premier guitar that included a factory spec list.  They did come with .10 Bright wires



yea, Mike..  I think everything from back then was Bright Wires.  I used to use them all the time on my gibsons.  Once they disco'd them it was D'Addario xls for the lot of em!

Btw.. have you ever tried Ernie Ball Cobalts?   I go back and forth with these.  I like them after they've been played for a few days.  They feel really strange when you first put em on, but they are good strings too.  They do what the marketing hypes them to do, and they last a long time.   


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