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Hey there folks,

My name is Anthony.  Originally from a small town in Alabama, but I'm a career Navy man and have been all over (currently floating around somewhere.)  I've been playing guitar and singing for over 20 years, but with some off years in there.  I used to play solo acoustic shows for a few years while I was on instructor duty and really enjoyed it.  I enjoy playing a wide variety of stuff from country, classic rock, alternative, blues, pop....just whatever interests me and helps me connect with people either sitting around at the house or out at a bar, etc.

My first acoustic was a Martin DC-1E and I still have it, but I need to take it for some much needed repair.  My favorite guitar is my Gibson Songwriter Deluxe (purchased in 2007.)  I absolutely love it. It came with a LR Baggs Element pickup, which I always thought sounded pretty good until it caught a defect after several years of regular use.  So when the time came to replace it.....i decided I could upgrade.  So, I had a LR Baggs Anthem SL installed and I really like that one too....gives some options.

My traditional solo gig set up has always been as follows: 

-Soundcraft EFX8 mixer (using a little reverb and sometimes delay for guitar/vocals)

-Pair of EV ZXA1 powered tops

-Pair of the matching EV ZXA1 subs (with 12") if needed and also when I'm asked to DJ work events, etc

-guitar in through Radial JDI Direct Box

-TC Helicon Personal Monitor

-A few mics.....Shure Beta 87C, Sennheiser e935, EV 767, Shure SM58

A couple years ago I bought the TC Helicon Play Acoustic as something to tinker with (mostly for its harmonies).  I've always been kind of a minimalist as far as sound/effects.  I'm careful not to sound too over-processed.  But, I have to admit that I am able to get some pretty good sounds out of the Play Acoustic.  I'm still not 100% sold that my guitar tone wasn't better/more natural just going through my JDI and mixer using the mixer's reverb.  I plan on playing with the Play Acoustic's settings a bit more when I get back on land.

I'm living in a new area now and would love to get back into playing solo gigs again.....assuming that the current social environment gets back to where that can happen.  Even still, I am looking forward to getting back into my love for music...I think I have the fever again.

I'm also looking forward to interacting with all of you on here and learning from your experiences and offering mine when I can help.

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