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1946 L-48 Case hunt


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15 hours ago, Thedayzed said:

hey guys i just got a 1946 L-48 and the case it came in is shot and no name on it. i am looking for a good new hard case but having a hard time finding one that fits. i hope u guys can help.



I got one of those 46 L48s.  From the original owner.  It came with a original gator texture style soft case.    I even obtained the original pick and strap.  And receipt 

as for a case with arch.  Try a gretsch 6120 style case.  Same depth and shape. 

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I think I bought a good one for that purpose in 2013 -- BUT I can't find a label or a sales receipt.  The guitar is a 1949 ES-150 -- a 17" archtop which I think is very like an L-48.



Original Case




Guitars in case.


I can;t find the sales records and there is no label.  I did not get it from Amazon, but maybe Musicians Friend or Elderly.

I just matched the specs.

Good luck,


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