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"Jazzman" Jeff Performs "Within You Without You-The Inner Light"

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Jazzman" Jeff Justman performs a concert for the birds in his backyard with a 3 minute medley of "Within You Without You-The Inner Light" as part of the Mundelein Arts Commission's "Stay-At-Home Film Project" on Facebook.  The Facebook site is public to view.  (Viewers must be logged into Facebook to post comments or share the video.  The video can still be viewed on Facebook without logging in.  If it asks you to log in, simply click“not now” or the X if you are not a FB member.  Note:  I am not on FB  (and had to have my wife, who is on FB, post my video on FB for me), but I am a commissioner on the Mundelein Arts Commission.)  
You may need to scroll down on the site to see the video.  At this time, its the second video down from when the videos start.  That may change if other videos are added.
I'm playing my solid spruce top Epiphone EL-00 Pro.  The two other prior videos that I posted on the Gibson or Epiphone site I was playing my solid mahogany top Epiphone EL-00 Pro.  I think you'll see/hear from the sound of the spruce top EL-00 why I've previously said the now discontinued Epiphone EL-00 version of the Gibson L-00 was/is quite a good 00 guitar.  (The only change I made to my EL-00 Pro was to put in a much denser tusq saddle than the lighter factory artificial bone saddle that comes with the guitar.)
Please feel free to like the video ...as well as to watch the other videos so far posted on the Arts site, if you're interested.  You can also submit your own video to the site if it is no more than 3 minutes long and has an angle of what you are doing during this sheltering in period, and you can post on FB or have someone post for you on FB.
Or, just provide your comments on this Gibson or Epiphone site of my rendition of "Within You Without You-The Inner Light".
Click to go to the site and my video:
QM aka "Jazzman" Jeff
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