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Gibson SG a little fishy...help me out!

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i have an offer to get this SG pretty cheap, but it looks a bit strange...the owner says it’s a Special Faded with a P94 in the neck, but the weird thing is that it only has 1 time 1 volume and I guess it was repainted. The serial number is 001670643 and I only have one picture, hope you can help me!!


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A very much modded guitar. 

Looks like a 2008 SG Special Faded Three-Pickup (SCF3), which originally had 3 humbucker pickups, and was issued in Worn Ebony or Worn White finish. 
That one looks Worn White, with a bit of wear or relic'ing. 

The 3 way switch location matches that model, as do the Volume and Tone knobs, and the cable jack location. 

There was another 2007-2008 issued 3-pickup model with the same knob and switch features, the  SG-3 (SG3), but that one had block inlays in the fingerboard. 
This one for sale has the correct dot inlays. 

Modifications to that one for sale include the pickups, the scratch guard to go from three pickups to two, and that tail piece, whatever brand tail piece it is. 

Fjestad's Blue Book values the used jobbie at $195 (Good Condition) all the way up to $600 (Mint Condition). 
SInce it's been modded so, there's no guessing the price accurately. 
If genuine, I would pay $300 for it. 

Here's a photo of the original guitar:



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