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Les Paul Neck Help/Question


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Good day all,

I recently picked up a 60s les Paul standard and had a few questions.  The guitar I originally purchased was identified as having a bad neck pickup.  The tech realizes the problem as he was setting it up for me.  I swapped it out for another 60s les Paul and have a few questions.  First off the pickup selector switch was loose so I had to tighten that up.  Also the neck isn’t completely flush where it runs up against the neck pickup is this normal or ok? Lastly when looking at the guitar from the side I can see the nuts holding on all the knobs except for the neck volume knob.  Are these things I need to worry about or are they fine to ignore?  The guitar seems to play fine but I just want to make sure what I got is okay before it’s too late to return it and exchange it.  Thanks for your help!


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Everything looks cool to me.

The only issue I see is VERY MINOR, the selector switch is adjust too low. Unscrew the top nut then remove the back plate to access the switch and adjust the nut on the other side so the switch protrudes out the top more. 

I hope you enjoy your new Les Paul. I think we would all like to see pics of the whole guitar. 🙂 

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