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LP Tribute Double Cutaway Bass love.


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I cannot believe I am saying this but I think it is the best bass I have ever owned. Have had it about 6 months now.

I also have had a Ric 4003, American Vintage Pbass, blue flower PBass, and a Guild Starfire bass.

It is punchier and has more clarity, kick, and power than any of them. No dead spots. Breezy play from the short scale.

I am shocked because the last Gibson Bass I tried was atrocious (2011 SG Bass). No amount of money or mods I threw at it could change the horrible tone (absolutely no presence and kick, and sound muffled and dead and like you are playing thru a chorus pedal, or did I have a lemon?).

I had been looking for another short scale bass, as my left hand doesn't like long scales anymore, and I saw the LPTDC basses and thought they looked beautiful. So back in Dec 2019 I gave one a try in a shop and was happily surprised. I got one a couple weeks later in worn brown.

Only mods I have done are shielding the cavity to make it noiseless and to replace the three point bridge with the Hipshot (just for low E string intonation correction purposes). That is less mods needed than on any of my other basses.

The LPTDC comes with lotsa nice features, too like the ultra light tuners, single coil/humbucker option push pull pot, and nice worn brown finish. The maple neck gives the back of the neck a tiger stripe look through the finish. The bass has a great sound and could be used for any style music. It kind of sounds like a cross between a Pbass and a 4003. But, as I said, punchier, clearer, and bigger tone than either, imho.

Only downside is it was originally a little neck heavy, but the combo of the Hipshot bridge weight, and cantilevering effect of dunlop strap locks, with a stickier strap, and replacing plastic control knobs with heavier chrome dome knobs added enough weight and cantilevering to offset that.

I'd post pics but page rejects and tells me I can only post 378kB of pics. Anyway, these are fantastic basses for less than $1kUSD

What has your experience been with yours?

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I bought one of these when they were sold for $599. The price is what caught my eye at first. For being the cheapest Gibson bass I’ve ever bought new, I really like it. My 1972 Les Paul Triumph bass has always been my main squeeze. This has rapidly became my 2nd choice. The single EB (DeCola) pickup in the sweet spot really works well. After I bought it, I realized that my Les Paul basses spanned almost fifty years, 1970 to 2019. Here is a shot of my Les Paul basses.......



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