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Gibson Dirty Fingers Pole Piece Height Adjustment


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Hello All,

So I bought a Gibson SG 70's Tribute 3 years ago and absolutely love this guitar. 

I decided recently to give the guitar a full clean, and string change.  In doing so I had removed the pickups so that I could clean the pickup rings properly as there was some gunk in the corner where the pickup ring meets the body of the guitar.  After putting everything back together I realized that I did not take note of the pickup height before I removed them and so I started down the rabbit hole of adjusting pickup height which then led to threads regarding Pole Piece height.  Now I find this all very interesting and I would love to tinkle a bit with this to see what kind of difference it makes to my guitar tone but my real question is this:

From all the threads I have been scouring through over the last few hours there seems to be some form of consensus that the humbucking coils do not really need to be adjusted and should be flush with the bobbin.  On the Gibson Dirty Finger pickups both the humbucking and string coils are both adjustable and they are also indistinguishable from each other.   So I would love to understand firstly, which coil is which (I have attached a picture of the pickups on my guitar. and secondly what the thoughts are with regard to adjusting the humbucking pole piece height on these pickups. 



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First, I'm not real sure what you mean by "both the humbucking and string coils", but I have one of these in an old Melody Maker D Reissue.

I have the bridge PU about 1/16" or a bit more from the strings. The pole pieces are adjustable, but I doubt you can tell much difference in raising individual

screws a little. If you raise or lower the whole PU, or one side, say 1/16" to 1/8", you can tell some difference.

Do what I do, try adjusting it to how it sounds best to your ears.

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