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Keys are in the ignition ...

Keys are in the ignition ....  

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  1. 1. The keys are in the ignition. You can only take one car. Which one do you take?

    • General Lee
    • DeLorean
    • K.I.T.T
    • Starsky and Hutch Ford
    • James Bond Aston Martin
    • Mad Max Ford
    • Ghost Busters Cadillac
    • A-Team GMC Van
    • Miami Vice Ferrari
    • Magnum P.I. Ferrari

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And these were both mine (for a week, between buying one and selling the other):

Front - BMW 2002 Touring in maroon which I sold, 2nd best car I ever had (the best ever was a Mercedes 190E)

Back - white BMW 1802 Touring which was LH drive (I am in UK) and so like a red rag to a bull for all those patriotic English motorists who regularly tailgated or cut me up.  It had a UK plate but I could always count on some prat getting the hump.  Both wonderful cars, would be worth a small fortune now......


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None I guess. 

I had a Corvette for several years (operative word HAD). Overly complex. One tiny glitch and it's 4 figures to fix.

I have owned a '57 Chevy for 7 years, many people's dream car. It drives like a dump truck. Looks great in my yard.

I had a 2010 Impala until we got rear ended in March. Not a scratch on us. The car was totaled. Crumple zones ya know.  I bought a 2016 Impala Classic (the last of the same style as my 2010) with 32,000 miles on it for under $11K. I will be driving that car a long time. Very safely and just about as quickly as that Corvette. Except quieter and with a 4-hooker trunk.

Fantasy vehicle? 1980-86 Ford F-150 with a 300 6 cyl, rubber mats on the floor and a granny low 4 speed. I drove Betsy from 1995 to 2016 and she's still in the back yard, ready to haul rocks, broken tree limbs or whatever.

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