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Gibson Thunderbird - serial nber information

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I just got a second hand Gibson Thunderbird and was curious about the serial number - the problem is that it's a white one and the paint completely covers it - I can only make the first 3 numbers for sure:

024 - next one seems to be a 9, but after that it's pretty much impossible to read.

I have tried to check how to read Gibson serial numbers online but cannot understand anything for the life of me, so I was wondering if there was someone who could make sense of at least these first 3 numbers?

The bass was bought new in 2011, but I also cannot find when Gibson was producing the alpine white Tbirds to try and point a probable year of production (could be a 2011, but maybe it was produced in 2010 / 2009/ ...).

If anyone can help, thanks!IMG_20200613_102149.thumb.jpg.191efbad83950e044956f2c488c28a48.jpg

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