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Ren Ferguson checking out a 56 J-185


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". . . might be mahogany or cedar kerfing- I can't smell the difference" .

". . . sunburst shot over the top (of the pickguard), then buffed off " 

Yes, Fred (J-1854Me) had this fine video of Ren checking out Fred's old J-185 shared here on the forum a while back. 

He just hit one chord- it sounded great. . . woody, clear, and bright.

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14 minutes ago, Jalex said:

I'm curious how the new 1952 J-185's compare to an authentic 50's model.


I dont think you would be happy with a reissue of one of these..  they just dont have that feel or tone of the old ones.. I owned many of the 180s and 185s and they just were lacking .

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