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Round or Rounder??? (New 2020 Gibson HB necks)


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Round and round we go! Here we go again, sorry guys but I need to know!

The new Gibson Hummingbird, with the red Vintage Cherry Sunburst...found in the sweetwater link below states that it has a.... "ROUND" neck shape. It gives no other detail. Considering how many different Gibson necks there are, and the frequency with which they change the names, I am wondering what this means. Does round mean thick and round..or thin and round?  I am not a fan of thick necks and need to know before I buy one. Can any one give a more accurate description of a new "round" neck than the Gibson specs in Sweetwater gives? Swetwater link below> Thanks for your help!

And so we have the new standard hummingbird with a "ROUND" neck

And the new Vintage model Hummingbird describing its neck as " ROUNDED"  !!!  I am left scratching my head saying...WTF! lol!


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That's sort of a tough question.  All the Hummingbird descriptions on Gibson site just say the profile is:  round.  My guess would be that they are what we would call C shaped, as opposed to slim taper, or D?  I guess if I was considering buying one I would call Sweetwater and talk to my sales rep.  They are very helpful and would go get the guitar out of the warehouse, and hold it and see what it feels like, and probably even measure the thickness at various points on the neck if you think that would help.

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Easier than all that would be to take the big drive to play one somewhere that has some..... a good half hour playing at the least.

Ask a salesperson? That has never lead me anywhere but the wrong road! But you know, it does get some information. Maybe.

Wildwood guitars put there guitar stock's neck measurements at the 1st and 9th or 10th fret but of course the Law of Murph says they don't have the Bird you want in stock! Here is a link to the Gibson acoustics they have, but yo know once you study the neck sizes up you will realize that what everyone says is rather true - every neck seems to have a different size! You could measure what you already own and love with some digital calipers....then compare with the list, but really it seems a road to....nowhere. May as well get your cousin to pick a Bird for you![biggrin]






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I don't think there is a definitive answer for this one.

Gibson necks are not consistent,  never have been, never will be.  They will all differ even VERY slightly from one to another in the same model. 

If you need to be very particular, you have to play one first.


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I played a Gibson Hummingbird Original 2020 in a guitar store yesterday and I'd describe the neck as medium to thick-ish. Personally I prefer this despite but other people might differ 

Definitely worth you checking it out and having a play on it yourself. I guess it will come down to personal preference and comfort

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