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Refinish or polish Les Paul Tribute Honey Burst

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Hello to all here on the forum,

I recently bought a Gibson Les Paul Tribute Honeyburst. The guitar is great! Super value for money and I really enjoy playing it.

What I am thinking about though... Is polishing or refinishing the satin finish. The maple cap has a nice subtle flame, which could really come out nice in a more gloss finish.

I read good things about Virtuoso Polish and Cleaner. This would keep the current nitro finish in tact, but would only make it glossy. I am wondering though if the little pits in the finish (see third picture) will also be polished smooth. See the pics below. Virtuoso I could apply myself.

Another option is having the finish redone. But that is quite costly (even the top only). And I really like the coloring now and wonder if the top needs to be sanded totally for this refinish which means that it would also have to be painted again.

What do you think? Is my LP a nice candidate for more gloss? And if so: what is the best option in your opinion?

Thanks for your responses!





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