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Gibson ES-335 63 Reissue String Spacing by Tuners?


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Hey all,

Recently acquired an ES-335 63 reissue, and I haven't really encountered this before, so just wanted to ask what to do about this concern.

My ES-335's low E and A strings are basically touching at the tuning pegs (see picture below), and the A string is quite literally right above the E string. Is this normal? Will this cause any problems down the line (extra tension or something, I don' know). I'm not actually too informed about guitars, this was a gift to me, and I just want to make sure this guitar is OK.

I have a different Gibson guitar, and the strings are much more widely spaced out by the pegs. So, for my ES-335, will the E string be more muted? Doesn't sound like it, but just asking anyways.

Thank you all!


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