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Steve Earle's "Guitar Town" Series


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Steve recently launched his Guitar Town YouTube series.  Typical Earle with a whole lot of story telling.  And the production values are not exactly what anyone would call sterling..  But wen he gets down to the music he is always worth listening to.  And he does have an amazing collection of guitars.   It cannot be long until a Gibson or two make an appearance.  


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Steve Earle speaks in lyrics even when he's just talking. Sometimes it isn't very politically correct, but who cares?

"I started [collecting guitars] in the 80's, but all those guitars went in my arm."

"I arrived in Nashville with $37 and a Jap guitar."


Back in the early 1970's, I had a size 1 Martin that was quite a bit older than Steve's, probably from the 1870's based on the story by the very old lady who owned it. It was in pieces wiht the headstock off when I spotted it behind a chair in her house in Ohio. She intended to throw it away, but forgot.

No serial numbers back then, but it was stamped  (actually hot-branded on the centerline back strip) "C F Martin New York."

Brazilian b&s,  no back binding, had the  two-piece neck/headstock with the separate glued-on headstock.

I strung it with silk and steel strings after getting it restored. It wasn't very loud, but sounded as old as it was. Sold it to a lady folksinger from NYC who drove up to where I lived in Rhode Island, based on a two-line classified ad placed in the New York Times.

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