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Can anybody tell me what model/year this is?


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When I first looked, I thought it was an LG0 but it looks more like a B-15. I'd have to see the headstock. LGOs had a normal Gibson headstock while the B-15s had a narrow one like the old Melody Makers.

B-15's also had the big rectangular bridge with adjustable rosewood(?) saddle. They were made around 1968-70 or so. 

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Based on the thinner headstock, I think it’s a B-15.   I’ve seen/played some B-15s at vintage guitar shows.  I wasn’t too impressed.  The Gibson LGO and it’s Epiphone  counterpart, the FT30 Caballero were the lowest level student models in the early-mid 60s and had solid mahogany tops.   (Disclaimer:  I have a 1965 FT-30 Caballegro in my collection.)  The LG0 and FT Caballero were always a bit iffy.  Some were okay, some didn’t really cut the mustard.  Neither were really great guitars at the time or now.  (Disclaimer:  I still occasionally take my FT Caballero our to play in my home.  But, it’s not really near a professional level instrument.  It’s more of a nostalgic thing for me.)  My impression of the B-15s I played were that, saying what I just said about LG0s and FT30 Caballeros, not as good as either.  The quality of the B15 seemed to have further slipped from the LG0 and FT Caballero, as it was basically the next (and short lived final) generation of the LG-0 model’s lineage.  

It has a Gibson name on it, but it has little similarity to the standards or other models of 60s Gibson.  Plus, if you are interested in a solid mahogany topped guitar, there are many modern era solid mahogany top guitars by other manufacturers that are in that price range that are superior to the B-15, most of which are X braced rather than ladder braced like the B-15.  Plus, in that price range, there are a number of new or used Epiphone Masterbuilt guitar models with solid tops that sound and play much better than the B-15.

Just my perspective, but I hope it helps in terms of putting the B-15 in perspective to the LGO and current priced guitars.

QM aka “Jazzman” Jeff


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It is indeed a B-15.  In the world of Gibson steel-string acoustics, the B-15 occupies one of the lowest rungs on the ladder.

An in hand assessment of it's structural stability, tone, and playability would be necessary to reasonably determine it's value - but I agree with Jeff that $600 could probably be much better spent elsewhere.

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