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Interesting- a slightly thinner J-45 with rosewood, and a real nice demo


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. . . the more comfy body depth might push the rosewood tone out, and it might also push the EQ more strongly to the mids. "Just curious". It passed the test where it made me go to a better playback method (headphones/studio monitors).

From the it's the singer, not the song dept, Sam Hunter making this J-45 Rosie do an archtop jazz box impression:


It sure is red, though.

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Highly qualified playing in this test - which stays in the soft section.

I can't identify the type of wood, but these cans clearly get a well sounding, surprising loose new guitar. The burst lies close to some of the earliest Hummingbirds - that means h o t

Listening again the rose may step forward, , , still primarily hear steel.

A creation worth trying - will look out for it, , , and sooner or later (after alcohol-bathing both hands) take it from some wall. Asked a shop keeper the other day. It should be no threat to nitro.

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He also did a J-55 shoot that same day. The J-55 might have actually been runner up in my recent search.

I post this only because listening to the two back to back was quite interesting in a tamed, but decisive sonic adventure sort of way. Similarities and differences both exist.


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