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I'm looking forward to getting it, probably next Wednesday or Thursday.

Many years ago someone here had a bunch of Explorers and was raving about them and said and then there's that GOTW one, well...  

That always stuck with me but the only Explorer I'm familiar with is the GOTW one.  Had one, sold it, lucked into another one.   I wondered what the other ones were like but I wanted pick up covers and a natural finish and here we are.

The GOTW one was such a struggle to get the hang of due to both the weird body shape and the neck: monster 50s profile, non-plekked frets, really dried out ebony fret board and a sticky finish on the back of the neck.  I finally hit that with Virtuoso Cleaner and then Virtuoso Polish which made a massive improvement.  We'll see if relief is temporary, hope not.  It was also seldom played and it felt it.  Another 50 hours of playing the thing and it should have that comfortable guitar feel to it.  It was just a bear to play when I got it but it's almost there.

From what little I've seen I think the new management really upped the quality of their guitars so I took a gamble on this used 2019 one.  It wasn't very expensive and it looks so similar to the other one that my wife probably won't notice unless I point out the differences in the pointy guitars.  

Hey, check out this ICONIC feature...

Her take on Explorers: they make me look like a square!

Yeah, I prefer Firebirds but I'm pretty much trapped working at home so I'll buy guitars, sit on my butt playing the guitar and try to wait out the plague.

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Leon Russell's guitarist back in the early 70s had an Explorer, that's where I first saw one.  What kind of guitar is that?  That is really different looking...

Then Clapton played one for a little bit but he cut the back end down so it wasn't knocking everything over when he turned around and, of course, my all time favorite band, Three Dog Night, I mean, U2.

They're different enough that they make me want to get up and play the guitar again.  When I got my Martin I couldn't wait to get up and play it first thing before work and then get home and play it some more.  I just need to work at it some more and I'll get the hang of it.  

Same deal with the Explorer.

The bug was just lying dormant.

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