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G1275 - adding piezos


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I have an Epiphone 1275 EDS (which is the Epiphone copy of the original Gibson Jimmy Page “Stairway” guitar.


Rumour has it that Rush's Alex Lifeson had the tune-o-matic bridges on his replaced with piezo pick-ups that will enable him to emulate 12 and 6 string acoustics. I also understand that they may also work as MIDI pick-ups to trigger synths.


I’d love to have my guitar modified in a similar way, but after contacting the likes of Fishman and LR Baggs I can’t find anyone willing and able to produce a tune-o-matic bridge with saddles cut for the 12 string.


I suspect it would require a custom build, but two obvious questions are:


Is this modification simply the stuff of myth and legend?

If it isn’t, who did the stuff for Lifeson and does anyone have a contact for them?





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The Mike Christian Saddles were acquired by Graphtech - now marketed as Ghost Piezo bridges / saddles


They have all you need to make a MIDI controller on the 6 string neck and piezo out for both 6 and 12 necks.



cant do a MIDI out on 12 string - too much crosstalk and false triggering.






Many folk use the Graptech Piezo with 13pin Output to drive a Roland VG-99 COSM Vguitar processor.



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