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NAD ...I hope

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I've had this on order for two months. 

With my other gear in place in the studio, I've had nothing suitable to plug into downstairs since lockdown.

I thought the time right to get something dedicated for home use. Its due for delivery today, so I am sticking around indoors. 


Tracking just says it was received at Southampton depot, and is out for delivery 'by the end of day'. So pretty useless tracking then. This is the Yamaha THR30iiW.

One of the smaller ones was available from Coda Music in May but I held out for the big one. I don't have the the wireless guitar relay. Maybe later.

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Cheers guys. Its arrived and I've been playing.... a lot!

As mentioned, I dont have the chargeable guitar relay. So no risks there yet.

I've done some quick tryouts of sounds and guitars. It loves the Tele, so I keep returning to the neck pickup cleans. Tomorrow I'll download the manual and the phone app. Only the phone app will get me access to the innards of it. 🙂

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22 hours ago, ghost_of_fl said:

I still highly recommend running that firmware update.  There is no reason not to.  Cheers. 


Well I have the THR30 latest update, but the G10T relay has to be attached for that update to work. 

Meanwhile I've just done a sample vid (camera mic only sadly)


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