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Does this look right? (SG factory wiring)


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My neck volume pot has been scratchy so I opened up the cavity for the first time (aka everything inside has been done by the factory) and noticed something that looked off to me.  Shouldn't the braided wire from the switch be soldered to the neck volume pot as well? It is my understanding that the braided wire should be connected to the ground of the switch, and then soldered to all of the pots and finally the ground of the output jack. This is the only pot that it is not soldered to.  Does this mean my neck volume pot is not grounded? 


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Both pickups are grounded to their respective volume pots with the braid, then to the switch with the yellow wires. The jack is grounded to both tone pots through the braid, and then to the bridge volume, which links it with the switch and other pot. The bridge itself is grounded to the neck tone.

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