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Hank Williams LG 2


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Check it out:

Hank Williams' Gibson LG-2 Guitar, Numbered 2111, bound body with sunburst finish, neck block ink-stamped 2111, and written in red 29, mahogany neck and fingerboard with dot markers, headstock with slanted logo decal, varnish crackled and worn, bridge lifting, body cracked Hank Williams, whose vocal style set the definitive 'country' sound, owned this model just prior to the end of WWII and an affidavit states that he sold it to an employee of the Union Stockyards in Montgomery, Alabama. It was then purchased in February 1946, by Hub Owens, who retained it until January 1994 Although it does carry a number, during the war, Gibson ceased production of electric models and only produced a limited number of selected acoustic types. The handwritten number is not a serial number as low-end budget models did not carry one from 1927-47, but a factory order reference. lt also has the wartime logo, 'Only A Gibson Is Good Enough' on the headstock. Only a few documented Williams' guitars are known to exist: two are in the Hank Williams Museum, the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Alabama archives each have one, and Neil Young, Marty Stuart and Bruce Gidoll each own one.





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