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Hi Folks, And now the wait begins. LG-2AE on the way.


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Hello everyone.

Perpetual beginner here.  Have had a Martin knock off for years that I would pick up from time to time but never to the point that I could actually play.  Same 6 chords that that I had trouble changing between.  A month or so ago I started with an online course.  Decided to stick to one (I tend to wander) and work through it.  Wouldn't you know, I am making sounds that almost resemble music. 

Birthday coming up in a few days (55).

Have lusted after a J45 for years.  Couldn't justify the price vs. my level of play (really wanted Mahogany though).  Was all ready to order a J15 instead and decided to go test drive a few at the local GC.  Turns out my 3 shoulder surgeries made the J15 a poor option.  My RT shoulder just wasn't having it.  Picked up a L-00 which suited me a bit better comfort wise.  Something about it just didn't work for me though.

Went home and started researching options. 


Short story long - I found a new 2018 LG2AE online, negotiated a fair price, and rolled the dice.  Satisfies the Mahogany craving in a smaller package.  Should be here in a couple of days.  

Just wanted to say hi.  Looking forward to the journey.  Any and all tips, tricks, and recommendations are welcome.


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