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RDNhkNt.jpgI’ve been playing guitar since the mid ‘80’s. I’ve been  strictly a 25.5” scale Strat & Super Strat guy until a month ago when I got my first Gibson. I took a gamble and bought a 2020 SG Standard ‘61 online based on the great reviews Gibson has been getting lately for stepping up their quality control.

I am happy to report that  Gibson did not disappoint me in the quality control department. The fit and finish is spot on. The fretwork is super  clean. 

I absolutely loved it from the minute I tuned it up and started playing. The slim taper neck feels perfect in my hand. The Burstbucker ‘61 pickups sound incredible clean or distorted. The tone and volume controls roll off without getting muddy. 

I liked it enough to sell off a few guitars to fund a 2019 Les Paul Standard 60’s in Iced Tea Burst. I received the LP last week. It featured the same impressive quality craftsmanship as my SG. I went with this model because of the slim taper neck and Burstbucker ‘61 pickups. It’s got a different tonality than the SG but sounds equally inspiring. 

My only problem is trying to decide which one I want to play. I can’t remember the last time I owned guitars that inspired me to play as much. I  am truly a Gibson guy now. 

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Welcome aboard Hudman - nothing wrong with a Strat, but now you have really found a couple of rock machines.  Glad you found the QC top notch - that has always been my experience through many Gibsons I've owned, but some have not been so lucky.  Enjoy them, glad they are inspiring you to play 👍

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Welcome aboard Hudman, Beautiful guitars. Love the Les Paul. I have a standard Gold Top and love it. You will enjoy playing both, I never had a SG before but many here have them. Yeah, those burst buckers are great,  So are P90's. 

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