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On 7/18/2020 at 6:16 PM, TomG76 said:

Wasn't TVZ great? I love his bit in Heartworn Highways.

There's a clip on YouTube of Kris Kristofferson talking about how TVZ didn't know how good he was and crying.

Thanks for the song tips too!


Have you seen the Townes documentary film “Be Here to Love Me”? It's really, really good. The Kristoferson clip is in the film. I don't know if it can be streamed anywhere, but I bought the DVD from ebay.

Speaking of ebay, a lot of Townes's music is not available through the streaming services, but a lot of stuff can easily be found on CD on ebay,  with a little bit of patience. I have hunted down some wonderful stuff that way. Some of my personal favorites of the more unknown stuff are “A Gentle Evening with Townes van Zandt” and “Live at the Whole Coffee House” (my preference is towards his solo acoustic recordings, either live or in the studio ). In case you you are not aware of this stuff, this is a great reference page, although I don't personally agree with some of the gradings.



By the way, Jinder, who posts here a lot, has a SUPERB Townes cover album available to stream, but you probably knew that already...

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7 minutes ago, bayoubengal1954 said:

Cool! Here is hoping that sometime in 2021 we’ll have an all clear. 🎼

Yeah. Great city. I went for a wedding and so I focused on spending time with the bride and groom and their family. I've got unfinished business as there are lots of things I'd like to do there - music and stand-up among them.

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