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New to me Epiphone--What model is it?

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Picked this up yesterday (used) because she sounds great,  feels perfect to my fretting hand, is in pretty damn good condition, and seems pretty well made, at least as far as I can tell. Not as good of quality as my Gibson LP, but I'm pretty sure that's to be expected, and I can't afford any of the Gibson SGs. She has a straight neck--truss rod adjustment = normal, twisty = hell no!--and it's a set neck with trapezoid inlays. Headstock has the, idk, crown? logo and the truss rod cover says "Gibson". She has 4 black top hat knobs with silver colored centers that say "tone" and "volume". The tuners don't have any brand stamped on them, so maybe aftermarket? I think that's a bone nut and not original. No stickers on the back of the headstock and the 9 digit serial is stamped on at the top.

I'm not finding the serial number as a match to any in the database so maybe she's a counterfeit? Doesn't particularly matter to me if she is because the price was right ($300 talked down to $275) and included a Vox VT20+ amp in excellent condition, cable, a floor stand, and a hard case. Whether she's a real Epiphone or not, I consider myself to have gotten a pretty good deal 🙂

It's not letting me upload photos so I made a Flickr account:


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Guys, I'm stupid, gotta quit smoking so much of the old Devil's Lettuce lol. I found the guitar by the serial number. How did accomplish this today, despite my inability to do so last night? Well.....last night I thought the "I" in the beginning was a "1" 🙄. Omg. So now I'm pretty sure she's not a counterfeit; I know counterfeit Epiphones exist but WHY???? They don't have an especially high resell value.

However, that still doesn't tell me what model she is.

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The ' I' indicates it was made in Saein in Korea, January 1998 production number 0727.

The serial number doesn't tell you the model number. As kid has said it is a g400.

Nothing at all to suggest its not real. 


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Matt4356, it took me till the afternoon after making the post to realize that what I thought was a "1" was actually an "I" 😂. In my defense, while checking to see approximately what level of stupid I was, I had my boyfriend, son, and next door neighbors read the serial number to me. They all said "1" right off the bat. Once I caught on to my mistake, I ran the serial number again and got the same info you did. Thanks for checking for me 🙂

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On 7/18/2020 at 2:04 PM, commanderzoom said:

kidblast, G400 is what I'm leaning toward as well, going by pictures I've found online.

my brother in-law has one just like it.  his is actually a pretty good player.  I think he paid 500+ for it brand new w/case

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