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2008 LP Standard Light Burst... sharing pics


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Arrived two days ago and I finally snapped some shots to share...


The light burst is a cross between the honey burst and the heritage cherry. It's just a bit lighter than the honey but redder. It's not as red or dark as the heritage cherry burst though. Insanely beautiful looking and amazing tone. I'll post more comments once I've had a chance to jam on it for a while.


New Gibby Pics



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So I've had some time to jam on it and I thought I'd report in!


First off, no major problems with anything. The new volume/tone pots are definitely smoother than traditional ones. Whether that circuit board setup will prove less problematic over the years... well... only time will tell! The Neutrik jack, well, one handed cable removal with it is a trick that I've yet to master! Strap locks are great, already have a strap with Dunlop locks on it and it was effortless to hook it on to the new LP. Nice! Locking tuners work just as advertised, too. They hold all strings firmly, including the high E, with no slippage. I got used to having locking Schallers from a 98 Strat Plus that i've owned since it was new. I'm spoiled by them and I like having them on my LP now, too.


My impression on the weight -- it's light for an LP. I've played heavy as arse LPs and this thing is light. It's pretty close to a Strat in fact. Close enough that weight shouldn't be an issue if someone is torn between the two brands/styles/etc for their next good guitar. The chambering definitely has a noticeable impact on the weight. The balance is nice though. Resting on your leg it doesn't seem to be neck or body heavy. It balances well. I have mostly been a strat player so that sharp body edge took a little getting used to. For the tone though, I'll get used it. ;) There's definitely this sort of "fake out" when you go to pick it up though. You're expecting a ton of weight and it's just not there. You can actually tap the body face with your fingernail above the bass side and definitely detect the chambering. It has a slightly hollow sound to it.


My take on the Plek'd setup is that it's good, but too high for my taste. I generally play rock and like to be able to move up and down the neck pretty fast for lead work. With some gain on the amp, not picking hard or really "digging in," I can sacrifice some clarity for better action. I started adjusting the setup by lowering the bridge a bit on both sides(a bit more on the treble than the bass). That really helped bring the action down to my liking in the higher registers. Afterwards, I had a small bit of unwanted buzzing in the 5ish to 14ish fret range, so I dialed in the truss rod just a bit and took out the smallest bit of relief to get rid of that buzzing in the trough -- maybe an 1/8 of a turn on the rod tops. Afterwards I rechecked things from the 1st fret up to the 5th or so and I was still buzz free there with the relief I took out. Reran the neck and all was well. All-in-all the fretwork and neck quality was perfect and made dialing in "my" type of action a breeze! No truss rod wrench though on the 08s stds... boooooo Gibson. An 8mm socket with extension did the trick though.


That's it for now! Thanks for reading.



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Not to beat a dead horse here but the guitar is still great! Dialed in the pickup height a bit and got a little more of a focused sound with a bit more "honk." Can I just say that I never tire of the smell of lacquer every time I open the case and play it!? That's something my 98 Strat plus with the poly finish never had -- even on day one! 11 years of who-knows-all-the-bars-that-strat-case-has-been-in and it's destined to smell like stale cigarette smoke for all eternity! LMAO

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Nice finish!!!!!


When I was looking at buying my first les paul I wanted a light burst because IMO its the best burst Gibson makes!!!! (after that ist the faded tobacco) The only reason I got a ltd. edition Gingerburst is because it was a little more darker..... Congrats!!!!!

Play her, Love her, live with her, (Just dont try to sleep with her) lol!!!!

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Congrats, looks very very very nice.

I know how you feel - because I got for a few weeks now the same model.

Saw it hanging in a shop and couldn't keep my eyes of it- -it overwhelmed me, and took me by surprise.

This kind of burst is one of the most beautifull in my eyes Gibson ever produced.

I wish you a lot of playing pleasures with it.



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