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Epiphone DOT - Replacment Bridge and Stop Tailpiece


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This questions has been discussed many times in this forum as I assume, but the search function did not bring too much.

I have a Epi DOT, built in 2004 or 2005. I have changed the pickups to a nice set from a pickup builder in Austria. They have nickel covers and the original  bridge/tailpiece are chrome. To harmonize the optical impression, I want to replace those two parts. There is a huge market for bridges/tailpieces and I found some nice things in the ABM webstore.

Now the question - does anybody know, if bridges / stop tailpieces for a Gibson ES335 would fit on my Epiphone DOT? I am afraid that there will be differences.

The DOT needed new tuning machines - the Kluson replacment parts work good and have a very reasonable price, the guitar itself is in good conditions which was the basement for an invesment in better hardware anyhow.

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Parts for gibson will be imperial measurement, asian spec is metric. 

I put a gotoh GE103B Nashville bridge on my dot studio a few years ago, mainly for a little extra travel on the g saddle but it was a far superior bridge and a noticeable upgrade. 

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