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Hi folks,

Need some assistance from you (and your knowledge). I stopped using Gibson guitars for 4-5 years, sold my 3 LPC (2x 2008 and 1 2014) because I started using another brand of guitars (Mayones). So long story short, I have been thinking on buying a Les Paul Custom again to record a new album and probably keep it for future stuff.

Reason why I moved away from Gibson was because of the weight and neck profile mostly, but I kind of need one now for certain things (scale length and overall sound for rhythm sections).

So I have 2 options available right now from local sellers. 1 guy has a 2000 LPC, it looks like at that year Gibson was still building the LPC at the USA side of the Nashville factory, comes with the brown/pink Gibson USA case and no COA due to the year. The other option I have available is a 2014 LPC, similar to the one I had 5 years ago but with the gold hardware (mine had chrome hardware), comes with Case, COA, etc, the regular stuff that includes the Custom Shop guitars since moving production to that side of the factory.

Now the real deal is, the 2000 LPC sells for $2’300 USD, while the 2014 LPC sells for $3’100 USD. I have never had the chance to try a “non Custom Shop” LPC.

1. What would you suggest based on your experience ?

2. How different is the LPC CS model to the USA model ? (Construction, Wood, Neck)

Best Regards

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IF you can handle the cost, the new 2019 LES PAUL CUSTOM being offered as an exclusive on-line by ZZZOUNDS.com is a BEAST. Its the only Les Paul CUSTOM regular production model offering Custom-Bucker's stock since 2011, the 490/498 combo just do not do it for me. IDK why Gibson would put those in a Custom Shop Guitar but they are doing it now for 9 years running . The only LPC's to have Custom-Buckers stock this year are the '57 & '68 LPC re-issues, both costing $2K-$3.5K more. The said guitar has all the rest that you would expect from a LPC, the massive Medium Chunky 'C' Neck that is solid as a rock, Ebony Fret-Board (not Rich-Lite), M-O-P In-Lays, Double-Cut Diamond MOP Headstock In-Lays....it is just an awesome Les Paul Custom, and for less than $4K ? You might not be able to do better.

I realize you were asking about other axes, this is just my $2 worth of opine...I waited for this particular guitar because of the CB P-Up's and Ebony Fret-Board, no rich-lite/490's for my Custom Les Paul, NO WAY....I mean, for the kind of $$$$ a Custom goes for, getting the lowest cost Pick-Up's Gibson makes (490's) is just a dealio breaker for me. The 2019 LPC checks all the boxes and is 100% awesome.

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Seems you are asking about differences between a Les Paul made in the Custom shop and one made in the Gibson USA factory if I am reading you correctly.  As to the type of wood and construction they are the same.  The Custom Shop guitar has more bling (gold hardware, headstock MOP etc).  The LP Standard now comes in two basic styles; the 50s style with a rounded chunkier neck and the 60s style with a slim taper neck.  Both are listed at $2499 MSRP and are solid Les Pauls.

The Custom Shop Les Pauls range in price from $3800 up to $6500.  They include many re-issues of specific years, different neck profiles, different pick-ups etc but they are still a mahogany body with a maple cap, mahogany neck and either rosewood or ebony fingerboard just like the Standards.  

If you are truly just buying the guitar mainly for a recording project I think a USA Standard would fill the need and you can get either of the predominant neck profiles that you might prefer.  If you are more concerned about it looking fancy, having a COA, and a cool case then the Custom Shop is the way to go if your wallet will allow.

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If they are local sellers get the one that sounds and feels best to you, especially if you're looking for a particular recording sound. I'm unaware of any characteristics of either guitar you should steer away from.

That said, the Custom Shop guitar with all the case candy and documentation is always going to retain a higher perceived value than the other should you come to sell it. That's why it's more now!

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