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I posted this in the lounge,  but I really should have posted here, since this product really is something more aligned with  acoustic playing.

I ordered one of these Neck Up straps a few days ago, it arrived Friday.  (Took like 4 days from the order to get here)

I've been using it for a few days, now,  I makes playing while seated a lot easier, and a lot more comfortable.   I tend to use a strap when I sit to keep the neck aligned properly.  I have to be kind of careful, I have a bit of carpal that will flare up if I stress my wrists out.    Once the guitar is positioned on your leg, it stays put too.  I like it.  Should have bought this a year ago when I first heard of them.  A bit expensive, (+50USD) but worth it for me.

for those intrigued...  Web Site



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It may depend on the stand,  I have the Hercules ones,  the stand does not get in the way. I also have a Aframe stand, also not a problem.

  It does look practical but is not the low slung guitar - gun slinger look I love.

aint much practical about that Unc.. 🙂
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