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help me figure out how much my guitar is worth.

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my grandpa gave me a old gibson acoustic. He says its a 60s model. The 6 digit number on the back of the head is 856578. Any ideas? Its not in the best looking shape as the coating is cracked but it plays amazing. 




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In order to determine the value, you have to begin by identifying the guitar.  Yours appears to be an LG-O model.  It happens to be a "low end" model among Gibson's flat-top line, but still a good instrument.  The condition looks very nice based on your photos (the finish crackling is called "checking", and is completely normal on vintage guitars).  Your serial number was used in both 1966 and 1969.  Someone here with more experience with flat-top acoustics may be able to tell you which year is more likely, but I doubt that determining which of those two years it was manufactured will make much if any difference when it comes to its value.

Now, for value, you should do the rest of the research yourself.  Just go to any auction site (ebay, or for more specific guitar searching, Reverb.com and/or Gbase.com) and search for a 1960's LG-O in nice condition.  You can also seek out the websites of vintage guitar dealers (there are dozens of them, just do some searches online) and look for examples of LG-O's like yours, and see how they're priced.

Congratulations on inheriting a cool old guitar!  Good luck.

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