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55 minutes ago, Leonard McCoy said:

He's just playing along the record and we're not actually hearing the Hummingbird?

True. And most likely we've all done a bit of that as kids. But with that camera angle, it is a good chance to see what's going on with a fairly well known riff, esp. the right hand picking.


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Yep.    When all you have is a hammer, every guitar looks like a nail: He's got tons of talent, but his song choice leaves a bit to be desired.  I guess it's popular though.  Even commercial 'pop' alleged Country singers will use an H'Bird as a prop.  J45s more so.   I guess we should be thankful they don't bash them to splinters at the end of each concert.   "Let Love Rule".    I guess this is the equivalent of the 60s bubble gum music some of us use to enjoy when we first got interested in music on  6 transistor AM radios.   I'm not inclined to try to figure out which H'Bird sounds better or different. Too much electrical engineering.  

But - Thanks - as always JCV - you bring lots of great and interesting performances here for us to  "Compare and Contrast".  As my old history teacher use to say. 

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He's got nice moon boots. His second album Mama Said  was okay. After that he got huge and I didn't want to go his way. After he covered American Woman, I never heard much from him after that.

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I remember hearing this song for the first time. 

I had been in the studio all nite making demo's and now drove home with the engineer in his car. Suddenly this number came through the radio and I immediately thought it was from a local program called The Demo-Doc (where upcoming acts sent in their stuff and some were lucky enough to get air-play).  Quite big was the surprise when we learned it was a new international artist. 

But listen :

What made Krawitz sensational at the time - and we're writing 1989 - was that he went back to the old desks with tube-gear, outboard and all sorts of vintage stuff. Until then the production culture, not least in the 80s, had been a race toward bigger-bigger-bigger, new, newer, newest, more expensive, , , , and the closer the studios got to a space-station the better.  Krawitz looked through all this and penetrated the hype with a genuine passion for sonic old-school. I'm not a fan and never was, but this vision was a huge achievement and he should be praised for it.                                                                           Well, fortunately that has happened - but let's not forget.

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