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1954 J 185 demo


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JCV, thanks for another nice video find.

I agree, uncle fester, nice sound and playing. I especially love the slow flat picking tone of Maple as he did with the passage from "Babe, I'm Going to Leave You". For lack of a better words, it's always so pretty. The 614CE I had could do it, too. 

I went to see the info section on the Y'all tube page. Not much, I'll paste below.

Couple of mods done in the 60's : Wafleback tuners, J200 bridge, wooden Headstock veneer and pickguard. Might have been oversprayed. Light EQ, Reverb and a bit of compression. Mixed on Console 1

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Nice. Even though he left the cool hammer-on up to the E part out of Folsom, it was good to hear all the styles demo’ed.

For a fifties guitar, it should sound way opened up,… don’t know how much the mods or whatever affect the sound.

So in case you’re having a tough time finding an L-200 Emmylou,  this ‘185, which also shows some SJ-200 styling cues, is an option:



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