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Mystery Gibson? Help!!!


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Hello all. 

I wonder if anyone has any idea or information regarding this guitar. I'm not certain if it was a prototype or promotional model, and I can't seem to find anything related online. 

It has a custom shop sticker on the back, and interestingly the signature of Zakk Wylde '93 on the back of the headstock. 

More interested in identification, origin, and the like as opposed to value estimations...although every tiny piece of info is greatly appreciated!

Thanks again for any opinions, suggestions, etc. 

-Jackie Smith 


Screenshot_20200806-104241_eBay Kleinanzeigen.jpg

Screenshot_20200806-104309_eBay Kleinanzeigen - Copy.jpg

Screenshot_20200806-104241_eBay Kleinanzeigen.jpg

Screenshot_20200806-104309_eBay Kleinanzeigen - Copy.jpg

Screenshot_20200806-104257_eBay Kleinanzeigen.jpg

Screenshot_20200806-104248_eBay Kleinanzeigen.jpg

Screenshot_20200806-104316_eBay Kleinanzeigen.jpg

Screenshot_20200806-104325_eBay Kleinanzeigen.jpg

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On 8/8/2020 at 11:47 PM, cesarbg said:

It's an M3. It says Custom Shop, but do not confuse that with *the* Custom Shop. That decal prior to 2005 (I think) meant a special run. So it is special, but not 'Custom'-made.

Not familiar with this particular "Custom Shop" reference, but I do  know this was done in Memphis with some ES models.  They used the same "Custom Shop" reference.   In this case it was technically a model that was "Custom Shop Series".  A well hidden detail making one think they were made in the Custom Shop.  But they were made in Memphis.  And Memphis never had a Custom Shop.  I didn't know they pulled the same shenanigans with some Gibson USA models.

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