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What's This LP Worth?


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Hello everybody! New member here. I picked up a Custom Shop Les Paul Custom 3 pickup in wine red last year. It's near mint. I was just wondering if anyone could give me a ballpark figure on its value. Serial is CS 9628. I called Gibson. The guy looked it up and said it appeared to be a 1999, and said it appears to have been custom ordered. Any insight would be most appreciated! 



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Beautiful guitar from a good period for Gibson.

I have a dark cherry custom with P90s.  It has a 1956-spec neck which I love.

You can get a 6-way switch for all the different pickup combinations.  


Wiring might get complicated - wouldn't want to find the switch cavity has to be enlarged.

A push-pull for out-of-phase between neck and middle could get you near that Peter Green tone. 

I am in UK so can't help with price.  Would go for a lot more over here though.


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Thank you so much jdgm for that link! I was doing some reading on the freeway switch, and it looks like it can be installed without any routing. Would love to get that Greeny tone. Thanks again!

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