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Chase Bliss Automatone Preamp Pedal


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Wow an overdrive/distortion/fuzz with new/unique concepts and it actually sounds good? I anticipate this being super popular


I have to hand it to them that is a great design and great sounding pedal. As mentioned in the video the sliders will probably be much less reliable than sealed rotary pots for example but what a cool design. 

One thing I noticed is that when he pushes the gain slider up a lot of the action seems to be at the last maybe 5% of travel. In other words they didn’t seem to get that slider in the correct taper IMO but compromised because they wanted the sliders. Still very very cool

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It's £749!!! [omg]

So it will be taken up by various high-profile players (when live music returns) and copied.  At that price it needs to be astonishing.  

But programmable is the future - the Source Audio eq is getting a considerable rep:


That looks like a step up from my Boss GE-7.   I'd like to check it out sometime.

I remember wanting an A/DA Midi valve preamp back in the day.   They were cool.  And wasn't the Marshall rack pre-amp programmable too?

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