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RARE: 1994 Gibson Hummingbird - Flaming Maple Back


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HI, I posted several days ago with an intro that said - A Great Gibson Story. It is a great story and I have listed the guitar for sale but I have been learning more about it and I have more questions than when I started.  I posted pictures last time so I can't upload more than a couple here. If you want to see more please find my previous listing or contact me.

I thought the guitar I had was a standard production model that the maker had just taken great care with. It turns out that it might be something much more special. First the cherry starburst on the front is gorgeous, the wood grain is impeccable. The quality of the finish front and back appears exceptionally lustrous.  

The back and sides, which I assumed were mahogany turn out to be flamed maple- very rare and evidently not typically seen on Gibsons since the 60s. 

Finally the sticker inside has "Hummingbird SP".  I am thinking this may refer to "Custom Made."

From the serial number I assumed that it was made in Nashville or Memphis. Now I am not so sure.

I would appreciate any comments and information regarding this beautiful guitar.

Thanks, Kirk





back -angle-sm.jpg



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