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Here's my DF story..... I was dying to get one for my birthday and after searching like mad on the web I decided to have Guitar Center ship one they had in network to me. I was told that one of the volume knobs was cracked (which it was) but otherwise it was in basically NIB and that they would either replace the knob or let me exchange the guitar for a new one when one came in.


The top is gorgeous and I'm happy with everything.....the setup is perfect and i like it much more over my SG robot.


A couple of issues/questions for all of you.


1) The guitar had a bunch of nicks and dings and some fading finish issues - mostly on the back and the sides. I'm pretty sure this isnt normal. Can Gibson repair this under warranty? I took it in to the local Guitar Center and they agreed with me that it wasnt normal and said that when a new one came in (and it looks like we have no idea when that will be) they would be happy to replace it for me. I'm not sure if its worth waiting to get one in 3 months that shows up with a top i might not like. Would love to hear your opinions on repair vs. replace here.


2) The Gibson manual is just a regular Gibson guitar manual. My SG robot had a robot-specific version of the Gibson manual. Was the Dark Fire supposed to ship with a regular guitar manual? I'm not referring to the Quick Start - that is clearly DF specific. All the other box contents seem to match what I've read on these forums so I'm pretty sure I have all that ships with it. I know there are electronic versions available I was just wondering if I received the right version of the printed manual.


3) Should i get the RIP now or wait to see if I end up having to exchange the guitar? I was thinking it wouldnt hurt to get it anyway as I would be saving its new owner the trouble. But I didnt want to register it in my name if I wasn't going to keep that serial number.


Anyway I really appreciate any help you guys could provide. Thanks in advance.



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Manuals are here - and continuously evolving - recheck this link every month.


Dark Fire Global info links / FAQ is here:



The back, sides, and neck are finished in a thin lacquer - its great for sustain and tone - but very fragile for dings and rough handling.


Gibson has many many tricks (steam, pressure, thermal) to removes dings. A good luthier can repair these too - many tricks are known by good repairman. ( Dan Erlewine, etc.)


However since these dings were "acquired" while being on display at a Guitar Center - then Gibson will not fix them.


its a tough call. - the next batch at guitar center may not look as nice as yours, but then it might look better




If you like the top - Register it and get the RIP. and use what you got until the next batch comes into Guitar Center. ?


or return it and wait .

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Elantric has given excellent and knowledgeable advice, as he always does, and he explained the thin lacquer finish of the back, sides, and neck. You also mentioned there were "some fading finish issues" in those areas. Without photos, it's difficult to judge your individual guitar but, this faded, distressed, antiqued, pre-worn, streaked, or whatever Gibson (or anyone else) would call it, finish, is intentional and standard (nicks and dings are not). I think it's a nice design "feature", but only you can decide. If you play your guitar, it will acquire those nicks and dings (beauty marks) anyway, and it will probably appear as if they belong.


You state you have a top you love; does everything function well (if not, an RMA will make it so)? If so, I'd keep it and love it! Just my 2 cents. Oh, and please register with us (EDIT: just realized you already gave us the serial #), and welcome!

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