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Fixing lacquer on my SG headstock

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Hi all,

My 1974 SG is in great shape except for some kind of lacquer damage on the headstock. I've attached a pic. How hard would this be to restore to look nice again? My guess is all it needs is lacquer and then sanding / polishing?

Or is this something I should just leave alone? 


Thoughts welcome.


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Looks nasty.   Heat damage surely?  Think you have to clean/scrape the yellow  (melted varnish?) off the inlay too. 

Only worth doing if it is done well and an 'invisible' repair IMO.   Can be done but I wouldn't try it unless you have some experience.  Most repair people would probably say it's easier to refin the whole headstock as there is also cracking by the machine head collar .  A partial headstock refin might be possible and maybe not that much - depending on how valuable and important to you the guitar is.  Worth finding out about anyway.  

The wood beneath looks ok.  The little holes at the bottom of the damaged section....what would have made those marks?

Best wishes!

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Thank you! Now that you mention heat damage that makes sense. Maybe it has leaned against a hot radiator or something like that?

I go back and forth between fixing it or just leaving it as is because you could argue it adds character as well.

I don't think I'm going to try anything myself. Probably likely to make things worse rather than better eh? 🙂

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Wise decision.  The enlarged pic you posted shows it at its worst.  It's not pretty but probably less noticeable to others than you think.

The trouble is, if you get it sorted out then the guitar becomes a '1974 SG with headstock refin' and that will affect the value.


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