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Big Scam Artist!!!!! For those of you who like to read .....And laugh.. **MUST READ**


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Not Les Paul related but very entertaining........Hey all, i Read this thread over at the Esp forum......I dont want to spoil it so i will just post the link to the thread and you guys tell me what you think.....


I'll sum it up, a ''pro guitar builder'' was trying to sell his Junk Guitars on this forum.....People started realizing this guy dident know what he was talking about, and seemed like a scammer, and wanted to blow his cover, so they got together bought one of his ''custom guitars'' and put it threw the quality test.....

heres the link that started it off....

Lots of laughs and lots of cries.......




And heres the nail in the coffin......






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That's one of those threads where every post is worth read... The trouble is, after a while you cant tell who's taking the piss or who's being serious...


Very funny post indeed...


What a piece of crap..



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Rhythm in jump. Dancing close to you


I read somewhere that "Schaller" translates to just that (german to english)


I also read somewhere that Floyd Rose and Bigsby wanted to use that as their name but Schaller sued them and at the end they lost; so they got to build their trems, but they cannot be installed on Devries guitars.

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