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Mateus Brito

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Hi! I traded an epiphone les paul, marshall amp and a delay pedal on a gibson SG, the problem is I don't know wich exactely is my guitar model ( I look dumb trading a guitar that I don't know the model but still a good deal). What puzzles me is that the input jack is in the side and the pickup selector key is on the right of the knobs. It has g force tuners, the bridge have some kind of hardware at the bottom, the input jack is a neutrik locking input, and locking straps. I tried contact gibson with 4 different e-mail (sometimes the asked some photos and never hitted me back or didn't answered my e-mails), I also tried the send some messages. I am starting to think I got a "chibson." Thanks, Mateus. (019880332 is the code number, I will try to send some pictures)







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To me.. It's an odd one

that serial number would indicate it's 2008.

from Guitar Dater:

Your guitar was made at the
Nashville Plant, TN, USA
on July 16th, 2008
Production Number: 32

 if that's the case, maybe it's been modified a bit,  where some one added tronical auto tuners which I don't think were around in 2008.

really no clue what the idea behind that jack is.  it's not in the traditional place either, what is under that plate in the back ?  Pickup voicing switches?

may want to check with Customer service, see what ya really got there if no one seems to know

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41 minutes ago, Mateus Brito said:

the more I disassemble this guitar the stranger it gets.  the tail piece is from epiphone

take off the truss rod cover and make sure at least that you need a 5/16 socket to adjust the truss rod.  That will at least give you enough to know that it is started life as USA Made SG..

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