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satin finish/shiny spots


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...i have seen many similar questions, but not this exact question.  also, i'll apologize in advance if it's discouraged to post stock photos to this forum, and use them to illustrate something contained in my question, which is,

is the shiny spot on the satin walnut finish of my ES-330 (in the area indicated in the photo) anything other than a cosmetic issue?  if i'm not bothered by how it looks, are there any additional reasons to be concerned about it?  does in need to be addressed?




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If you buff a satin finish guitar it will get shiny all over.  So if you have a couple shiny spots it's because something is rubbing on those spots regularly.  Could be your hands, or something in the case, or maybe it just came that way originally.  But as Merciful said, it is not a cause for concern. 

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