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How I made a 3D movie about Gibson

Anton Khvalko

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Hi guys, my name is Anton, I am a vocalist, guitarist, and recently a motion designer. This story is about how I get started making a 3D movie about Gibson Les Paul.

Once upon a time, on a hot summer evening, I was lying on my grandmother's terrace and listening to Metallica's Nothing Else Matters. It was because of this track that I firmly decided at that moment that I would play the guitar no matter what it cost me.

Shortly before that, I was given the Internet. It was an indescribable feeling. Before me, a 12-year-old boy, opened up such a huge world, which I did not even know about. Music consumed me. I listened to everything at once. Rock, blues, country - everything was great. The Gibson Les Paul guitar became the embodiment of this music for me. Honestly, I've never played it. I perfectly understand that he has flaws, that there are other guitars in the world. But I cannot stay indifferent when I see Les Paul "singing" in the hands of Slash, James Hetfield, Joe Bonamassa, Jimmy Page, Richie Sambora and other outstanding musicians. I really hope that I will be the proud owner of this legend.

Now, I started to study a new profession of motion designer for myself. To make the learning process really enjoyable, I decided to make a 3D video for the soul. About what I admire. And that object was a Gibson Les Paul.

You can read more about the video creation process here

What would you like to add to the video? I will be glad for any feedback) 

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