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Cannot figure out LP Special II wiring!


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The first guitar I ever bought ( a '97 LP Special II)  has been sitting in the closet, stripped of its parts, for a couple years now.  I'm in the middle of replacing pickups in a Gretsch , and figured I'd have some fun and put the old pups in the Epi.  Most of the wiring is intact, but I can't find a wiring setup *anywhere* that matches what I have (attached).

I'm assuming that the pot with the capacitor is the tone pot (left), and would have the following leads to attach / re-attach to the diagram below:

Output Jack (1 lead)

Ground (2 leads, G1 and G2)

Neck Pickup (2 leads, N1 and N2)

Bridge Pickup (2 leads, B1, and B2)



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1 hour ago, LesB3 said:

Thanks for that, that still doesn't match what I have, but it gets closer to anything I have seen so far...  Based on what I have in hand, I think I will end up with this:



This is for a LP Special II, they don't come much simpler..

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which wiring diagram did you use? The one Mihcmac shared, or the one you responded with? I just rewired mine and it plays sound but vol and tone not really working...not sure if I have overheated the pots...

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