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J160-E Serial number date


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Hello everybody,

I have a J-160E, When I purchased it in 1983, the Guitar store (Knute Koupee) had its date listed as a 1964 model . The number on the back of the head stock is 369563. It is a Heritage Cherry Burst with all the original parts,  Kluson Deluxe tuners, P90 pick up, Vol & Tone pots and sprauge .022uf cap, ceramic bridge & rosewood saddle, Trapezoid inlays, etc..

I had to remove the pick up and controls because it wasn't working through my amp and had found that one of the coil wires was barely attached. I re-soldered the wire ( I am an electronic tech and took it to work to do the solder work) it now works better than before. What I also found was when checking out a P90 schematic there were two versions of wiring, a 50's version and a modern version. My guitars wiring is definitely a 50's wiring and explained to me why when adjusting the tone knob the Vol would change. 

My bigger question now becomes is this truly a 1964 or is an older guitar? I have had little luck with finding out the year based on the serial number 369563.

I am hoping this forum will help me find out the exact year the guitar was made.

Thank you all in advance.


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