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Gibson Memphis 2018 Limited 1961 ES-335

Pedro Pinho

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Hello there.  I am trying to purchase a used Gibson Memphis 2018 Limited 1961 ES-335 

The problem is that the one I have seen around here has gold knobs and that got me wondering about the authenticity of the guitar. 

Have anyone seen a cherry es335 with gold knobs? 

There is a picture below. I would greatly appreciate the help. 


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2 hours ago, Sgt. Pepper said:

Never understood why Gibson only put control cavity covers on BB Kings and not other ES models. Makes changing pots and pups a real fun experience.


I didnt know that about BB Kings. The first thing I had to do with my 339 was fish out the switch from the f-hole to clean it. Ok if you're a keyhole surgeon.

Maybe it was originally a mod BB had done?

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