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Free EXPANDED style for Band-in-a-Box, others can ignore this post.


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New FREE EXPANDED User Style for Band-in-a-Box.

Band-in-a-Box has always had these limitations.

1) You can't put a chord both on a beat and the eighth note before that same beat

2) You can't put more than 4 chords in a bar of music

Norton Music invented EXPANDED styles in the 1990s to overcome these limitations. Using EXPANDED styles you can put up to 8 chords in a 4/4 measure and that means you can put a chord on a beat and the eighth note before the same beat.

You can read an explanation on how it works, listen to an audio demo, and download a FREE EXPANDED style for Band-in-a-Box here:

It's a simple, basic Rock/Country/Pop style. It demonstrates how Norton Music EXPANDED styles work and it's yours FREE for the download.

For more information and your FREE style, go to: http://www.nortonmusic.com/expanded.html


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Yes indeed Ghost.

I figured this out on an Atari ST computer and a sequencer that had a resolution of 120ppq, which I thought was grossly inadequate.

I had a couple of e-mails, so I'll post it here as well.

If interested, I have a commercial collection of 24 EXPANDED styles with audio demos here:


If not interested, no prob, just enjoy the freebie.


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